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Fund Management Services to The Family Offices in the ESG space

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1 month ago
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Modern investors have time and again proven to be major risk-takers, testing waters that have essentially proven to be beneficial to them. ESG is one such investment that picked up pace in the pandemic-stricken world. With more agility and awareness, Investing in Environment has proven to be fruitful. The last decade has seen a skyrocketing surge in the interest in ESG investments, so it does bring up the question, what is ESG Investments?

What are ESG investments?

ESG investments stand for Environmental, Social & Governance, aka sustainability promoting investments. ESG enables investors to build a profound portfolio as well as benefit society. Investors quickly apply for these non-financial factors as part of the analysis process that identifies material risks and growth opportunities. The E in ESG is for environmental factors such as Carbon Emissions, Wate & Pollution, Resource Depletion, Climate Change. Social Factors like Employee relations and diversity, working conditions, health, and safety. And Governance factors like board diversity, tax strategies, executive compensation, lobbying, corruption, and bribery. 

Reasons Why People Invest In ESG 

  •  Risk management in investments and portfolios
  •  Engaging with prevailing social and political agendas
  •  Taking advantage of the potential of disruptive innovations

As a result of the efforts of a group of individuals seeking to make investments in socially and environmentally responsible companies, the capital allocation has been transformed into a highly effective strategy. ESG investing is a trend that is here to stay, critics say. Others argue that it is merely a bull market phenomenon. Alongside the ESG boom, responsible investment vehicles are experiencing increased demand, particularly within family offices. The number of family offices skyrocketed following the recession as more young, high-net-worth individuals started their own offices.

ESG Funds in The Family Office sectors 

Investors rarely gave much consideration to environmental, social, and governance data that a company reports-such as their carbon footprints, labor policies, board composition, and other ESG data. In the face of a global pandemic, this trend persists within family offices. Increasingly, private wealth vehicles are incorporating ESG investments on account of the attention that investors and the public are paying to social and environmental issues. According to some, their expertise and funds make them even more crucial to making wise investments. 

Reasons being the increasing generation gap emerging in the Family Offices. The Younger investors show keen interest in technology and ESG related assets.


As the new age brings importance to responsible and well thought out Investments, building wealth only for families no longer remains the top concern, Helping socially and environmentally has also picked up the pace and A positive impact and effective management of ESG factors may indicate long-term growth and reduced investment risk. Family offices have the chance to drive the discussion about impact, and various global initiatives seek to establish impact standards that will improve the consistency and rigor of impact claims. Making ESG a great Investment Market for Family Offices.


Written By: Neha Ajay Raika

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