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‘Mumbai Saga’ comes to Amazon Prime Video

A month after its theatrical release, 'Mumbai Saga' will stream on Amazon Prime Video...

Reading Time: 2 Mins
Blog Banner Celebrities Reading Time: 2 Mins
Dhriti Nema Jul 07, 2021
Bollywood Tragedy King: Dilip Kumar- An unmatched persona

Today’s morning breaking news of the sudden demise of a  Bollywood Tragedy King Dilip Kumar broke t...

Blog Banner Musician Reading Time: 3 Mins
Dhriti Nema May 23, 2021
An Emotional Tribute to “Raam Laxman”: Music Director of Blockbuster Movie ‘Maine Pyar Kiya’ Passed Away.

For making any film successful, and also to leave an outstanding impression on the audience its music plays a ...

Blog Banner Writing Reading Time: 1 Mins
Dhriti Nema May 22, 2021
I Kept My Dreams Alive…

You can keep your dreams bright,  when your hope is alive and you have immense faith in your dreams you c...

Blog Banner News Reading Time: 1 Mins
Dhriti Nema May 21, 2021
New challenge posed by deadly “White Fungus”: “More Dangerous”

You know every day brings new challenges and poses new threats, but in health and medicine, it requires more e...

Blog Banner Features Reading Time: 1 Mins
Dhriti Nema May 19, 2021
Mexican Beauty Andrea Meza crowned Miss Universe 2021

Every great dream begins with a dreamer. Andrea Meza crowned Miss Universe 2021. She expressed that she wanted...

Blog Banner News Reading Time: 1 Mins
Dhriti Nema May 18, 2021
Dreaded Black Fungus: Why You Must Take Preventive Actions

Yes, It's Covid’s fearsome face; when black fungus started not only taking many lives but many individua...

Blog Banner Food Reading Time: 1 Mins
Dhriti Nema May 14, 2021
Amazing Health Benefits of Cucumber Water

Cucumber is good for health and easily available in the market at an affordable price. Cucumber is high in wat...

Blog Banner Lifestyle Reading Time: 1 Mins
Dhriti Nema May 13, 2021
10 Benefits of Air Purifying Plants

Indoor plants can overall change the look of your house and at the same time help maintain a better quality of...

Blog Banner News Reading Time: 2 Mins
Moris Talent Hunt May 13, 2021
The Perfect Eid celebration with Bhai's Radhe: Your Most Wanted Bhai

Swagat nahi karoge aap hamara? The wait is finally going to over within few minutes. This Eid, Salman Khan's &...

Blog Banner Food Reading Time: 2 Mins
Dhriti Nema May 12, 2021
Try Tasty & Healthy Bel Fruit Juice, Energy Drink in Summer!

Rapid spread of the second Wave of covid once again compelled you to think how to make your body’s immun...

Blog Banner Getting Started Reading Time: 5 Mins
Mukarram Khan May 10, 2021
Corona-Pandemic-work culture

Prior to Lockdown and  the noble Corona, our typical work day started at 9 with an hour spent in tra...

Blog Banner News Reading Time: 5 Mins
Dhriti Nema May 10, 2021
Real Life Hero of the Hour

All heroes don’t have superpowers, but the real heroes have strong will power through which they win hea...

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